Fundraising Progress

Read on to measure our fundraising efforts! This only shows large or ongoing fundraising events and does not include one off donations or certain annual events already depicted on the accomplisments page. See the budget for totals.

See the PTO Accomplishments page for more things the PTO has completed this school year.

Treat Yourself Friday

Every Friday (Raised $0.00, so far this year) - We have popsicles, candy, chips, chicharrónes and other snacks available for purchase right after school. Located in front of the school and also by the back gate from 3:00 till 3:15, or longer if there are still kids wanting snacks. More details here. See you there!

Penny War Fundraiser

November 2023 & June 2024 (Raised $0.00) -- Grade levels competed against other grade levels and raised a combined $1,385.76 after accumulating over 20 thousand coins! Students won extra recesses, popsicles and even a pizza party. 3rd Grade was our overall champion; however the other grades hope to take that title when we have a rematch in the coming months. Read more here.

Change Box Fundraiser

Year-Around (Raised $0.00, so far this year) - We have change boxes that get moved between different local businesses. They give patrons of that business an option to donate their loose change to help Grover Beach Elementary. 

Apex Fun-Run Fundraiser

October 9th - October 20th, 2023 (Raised $0.00) - A two-week Fundraiser that is fitness focused, teaches leadership development in a fun and exciting way and includes every student. Kids get pledges for each lap they complete on run day. Read more here.

Box Top Fundraiser

Year-around (Raised $24.50, so far this year) - This is a passive fundraiser where parents and others in the community can scan their receipts with the BoxTop app and earn the school money at no cost to them. Read more here.